How much will my pins cost?

Its really hard to give an exact dollar amount bc every order is different, but most orders come in around $2 per pin. But if you send us your artwork we can get a more accurate quote.

How long will i wait for my pins?

Generally 10-15 days after the design process is completed.

can you do hard and soft enamel?


What if i need custom backing cards?

We’ve got you covered. (most are 2x3.5”) but yours can be whatever size you like even square :) - rounded or sharp corners

Is there is minimum order?

a standard order is usually 100 - but we can do orders of 50 units per design

Are reprints of pins any cheaper?

If you previously placed an order though us, and need more made you will save $40 because the mold will be need to be made again.

DO you ship overseas?

YES. Shipping is only a little more than for a US customer. You may have some import fees due, depending on your country’s shipping guidelines.

what kind of art works best?

Simple and clean with bold lines works best. Designs that translate into a small size are good. If you have very tint lines with with too many details they can get lost in the metal mold.

what kind of file do you need? 

Vector art is best (Ai file or EPS/PDF vector). If you don’t have a vector file send us a high resolution image of what you have and we can likely figure something out.

Do you help with order fulfillment?

We sure do! check out our Order Fulfillment Program

If your question is not answered here - feel free to contact us at orders@ohpinstudio.com and we can add it here or give you a detailed individualized answer.